Thursday, July 31, 2014

Brief History Of Internet Marketing By Son of Spam!

Son of Spam

Hello, I’m known mostly by the name of Bud Wiser, but also went by the name of Son of Spam. I am the creator of Army of Blogs and Army of Bots and was instrumental in the development and instructions of Automation and Artificial Intelligence in Internet Marketing from 1998 through 2008. I then retired from public view.

In the beginning Internet marketing consisted of mainly spamming search engines. Back then Yahoo was #1 and Google was still an infant along with a dozen other search engines. We used what is called “doorway pages” to spam search engines back then. A very simple yet effective procedure that could produce instant serious traffic. Of course search engines got smarter and eventually doorway pages were no longer effective.

The next great new thing was Tag & Ping! A process of using blogs and Yahoo accounts to improve search engine placement and getting new sites index immediately! This process was effective for about a year but then faded as it’s effectiveness started to diminish.

Blogs remained very popular and effective for traffic and getting new sites indexed. There was no page rank yet but around this time Google did start to play a more important role for webmasters as it was now just as big as Yahoo and would of course eventually become number 1!

Blogs were very effective but you needed many blogs, many disposable blogs, so Blogger blogs were preferred over wordpress blogs. At this time new software was developed to fully automate the whole process. From creating 1000’s of email accounts on the fly, to creating 1000’s of blogs on the fly. These blogs were set on full auto pilot utilizing RSS feeds. One program in particular was very popular, RSS to Blogs!

While thiss was going on, other avenues were also discovered and exploited! CraigsList and Myspace were invaded by mass marketers and artificial intelligence software known as “bots” played a major role. These were good times and I made a bundle of money with little effort. If you knew what you were doing, and had the right software you could easily make $1000 a day!

Around this time everyone and their mother was getting interested in Internet Marketing which opened up a new market place for us targeting wanna-be webmasters. So the sale of ebooks with “Guarded Secrets to Success!” became a nice revenue maker for established webmasters.

I was right there from the very beginning! Those were indeed great times. Around 1998 I started my infamous website Army of Blogs! It was a resource center and place were marketers from every level and software developers gathered. I reviewed every single piece of software that mattered and interviewed many successful webmasters, marketers and software. And I did it all for free. While other “members only” forums were charging for similar services, mine was open for all free. This paid off very well because I got a lot of traffic.

By 2008 I decided to retire from all that stuff, I still done some behind the scenes stuff, but mostly disappeared. I’m planning on bringing some of that back a little. I do miss it a lot. Until next time, remember, nothing ever stays the same. You have to keep changing with the times. There will always be weaknesses to exploit! You just have to find them.

Army of Blogs Update!

Hey word up, have not posted on this blog in years! Many of the links are dead now. I will be starting regular posts again. This is the one and Only Bud Wiser! The creator of the original Army of Blogs and Army of Bots from the 1990’s to 2007! I am resurrecting this blog. I have lost all my other domains. Stay tune for new updates!