Wednesday, November 29, 2006

New Hidden Forums!

Well I'm pretty excited about the launch of this new forum over at Army of Blogs Hidden Forums! Rather then reside on the main .com domain, I've put it on the .net domain where I use to run a Joomla but got quickly tired of it. Joomla is just not readu for prime time in my opinion.

The main attraction for AOB's Hidden Forums will be the hidden forums of course! Where much discussions will be done revolving around seo, Internet marketing, white hat and black hat techniques. The forums are made up of two main sections. The visible section which all visitors can see, and the invisible, or hidden section which you can only see if you register! There is a shoutbox and chat page as well, and another blog there too!

The main domain will continue to post about new product reviews, stories, announcements, and interviews, but the actual discussions and technical information will be carried out at the domain. This blogspot blog will be for announcements only for army of blogs and other related seo and marketing news. It's good to have a spot on blogspot for extra exposure, and works out good if you do not abuse it!

For more information about our hidden forums, or blogging, marketing or seo tips visit any one of the army of blogs domains! 


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